This is where it starts

For a few weeks now I have been thinking more and more about not living the normal life (whatever normal is…) everyone expects and the more I think about it, the more the idea seems reasonable. I have always had thoughts about moving to another country, but then it has always been in the same way I live now. I would get a place to live, get a fairly well paid job, buy stuff, and then live life exactly the way I do here. The only difference is that I wouldn’t know anybody. And it would be warmer. And since that’s not really what I want I haven’t made any effort at all making it happen.

But I have realized that there is another way to move to another country. Or countries. Because I don’t want to be locked down to one country with possessions or the security of a good job keeping me there. I want to roam wherever I feel like, doing whatever I want. Because life is to short to do what someone else says for almost half your waking hours. For about 35-40 years of your life. That’s almost 70 000 hours wasted on something you, hopefully, find ok. Because, honestly, how many would go to work monday morning if there wasn’t money involved? Would you go just for the fun of it…?

Off course I realize that there’s a harsh reality for the ones who leave the mundane life at the desk top. Money is still an issue. But right now working with whatever during shorter periods seems so much more attractive than my desk job. Even though I actually think I have a good and interesting job. And I would definitely not make as much money as I do know. But can’t one see the monetary draw back as an investment? An investment in my life and in my happiness. And then it could be worth it…

As you might notice I am not completely certain that I will be able (dare..?) to pack my bags and leave. So I thought this blog could be a way to sort my fears, hopefully leaving them behind to take the next step towards my goal. And above all other things, help me plan this. I am a major planner and checking things off the list is one of my biggest joys in life.

And if I don’t get my ass out in the world the way I hope I would still live my life anywhere I can, but with a stable and secure base to fall back on.

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