My first steps

As I’ve said before, I was very late getting myself out in the world. For about 4-5 years I was held back, both by the lack of travel willing friends and by my own fears. I came across a travel agency who focused on single travelers (people who travels alone that is, whether they had a boyfriend/girlfriend was off course irrelevant). So I had found a solution for my first problem, not having anyone to travel with. Regarding the second problem, my fears, it came down to me pulling myself together and just deciding to get out there. With a little help from my dad who pushed me to do it. So I pushed that button on the internet. The one who said Book. And I have never regretted it once, not even a little bit.

The first trip was a short one, close by home. It felt safe. I traveled by bus from Istansbul to Stockholm during four weeks with about 30 other people. The experience was amazing! Meeting some really fab people and seeing that my fears didn’t have to hold me back. And I really got a taste for beeing out for weeks at a time (had only done the charter-one-week-by-the-mediterrenean-trips before).



So my next trip took me to South America for twelve weeks, traveling from Rio de Janeiro to Lima. It was even more amazing! And I met some of my closest friend on that trip. I was so relaxed during those twelve weeks that several of the things I did on a daily basis at work, was nowhere to be found in my memory…


After South America I felt like an experienced traveler. And the years to come I took the Trans-Siberian Railroad to China and Japan, went to East and to West Africa, and to the gorillas in the middle of the continent. My latest trip was Central America last year.


Even though traveling have shown me so many wonderful things, given me life long friends and made me grow as a person, there are two obvious things missing in this story. For the first, Southeast Asia. Never been. Not even two weeks i Thailand. Can you really call yourself a backpacker if you haven’t been there…? And second, I have never actually backpacked. And that is an even bigger reason not to call yourself a backpacker. I plan to fix both of these things on the next trip, where me and my boyfriend will backpack our way through Southeast Asia. For the longest trip I have ever been on. So far…

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