On the road again

So, I’ve been out of town. Out of country actually. It was so long since last time. Or at least it feels like that, I was in Prague in November. To drink beer. This time I went to Brussels. To drink beer. Did I mention I like beer. And I have been drinking all kinds of beer; mango, banana, cactus, raspberry, coconut…. And oh, just plain belgian ale. An awesome weekend.

But the weekend didn’t start that awesome. Maybe I was a bit stressed leaving work last friday without even disconnecting my phone for my vacation (I had monday off). So I came to the tube. And had to turn around to fix my mistake. So the first beer at Arlanda Airport was really needed.

And hey! You know that thing about sleeping when you’re flying… I’m really improving in that area. Perhaps because I have a boyfriend who falls asleep the moment he sees the airplane chair… So I was well rested when we landed, and getting to the hostel was no problem. Except it wasn’t a hostel. We thought we had booked 7 beds in a 10 bed dorm room. We got a 4 bed room and a 3 bed room to our selves, both with shower and bathroom.

To really soak in Brussels and Belgium, we asked in the reception if they could recommend a restaurant. We got a few choices and settled on the one who served “belgian food at a low cost”. Since much of my traveling is about local food I thought that it sounded perfect. We got there and the beer list raised our expectations to the roof. There were only happy faces around me as we went to the bar for a drink as we waited for our table. But as we sat by the table, five minutes later, looking at the menu, the faces around me were a little bit more confused than happy. The menu only included four pasta dishes. Nothing more. Pasta. I don’t know what I expected from belgian food, but it sure wasn’t pasta.

Anywho, the pasta was delicious so no harm was done. And during the weekend I ate wonderful fried cheese, really good beer stewed pork, quite boring moules frites, amazing chicken and bacon salad, fried eggs and bacon still in the pan and a great seafood risotto. I know moules frites is belgian, and I imagine beer stewed pork also is. The rest was just great food.

But we didn’t just eat and drink. We, off course, watched Manneken Pis (the peeing boy). And, by a nice coincedence, the lesser known Jeanneke Pis (the peeing girl). We checked out the european quarters, where the german and the EU flag hung sadly half way up. We wandered around the city, watched buildings and people, chocolates and waffles. We took the tram outside the city to see Atomium, a building created for the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair. It was impressive with its 102 m (335 ft) and its nine 18 m (60 ft) diameter spheres, who are connected in the shape of a unit cell of an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times. I think you could go inside it, but we hung around in the park close by. Drinking beer…

So ok, maybe we did just eat and drink. But that’s two of my favorite things to do, both traveling and when I’m at home. And the beer of Brussels completely makes it worth while going there. And then we didn’t even make it to the chocolate and waffles. Well, except the chocolate beer off course…

Banana, coconut, raspberry, pear, honey, chocolate and passion fruit. All beer.

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