Making plans

This is my third favorite thing when it comes to traveling. My second favorite thing is packing. And my favorite is, off course, the traveling itself. I visited my family up north for the midsummer holidays, and my mom and I started talking about traveling. As we always do. Both places we’ve been to, she 37 countries and I 69 countries, and places we wanna go, basically all other. So inevitably we ended up in planning trips ahead.

Three or four to be exact. Not very big trips though, but for me all trips count and bring joy to my life. So. The first trip, not planned with my mom though, a weekend trip with my boyfriends family to Vilnius or Riga. He is the only travel nerd in that family and I know he wants to influence his younger brother to fall in love with traveling. I’m really looking forward to this trip and spending some quality time with his family. But the trip will be a bit weird since we’re not gonna live at the same place. Me and my boyfriend, who are in a money saving mode, are gonna stay at a hostel cause we don’t think it’s worth spending a lot of money on the living situation. His family would rather spend that money to live in a hotel. Thank god the roaming is cheap in Europe now. How else keep in touch when you live in different accomodation…

The next planned trip is kind of the same. But to another city with another family. St Petersburg with my boyfriend, my brother and my mother. In November though. Bad idea or…? I’ve started looking for hostels there and it’s crazy cheap. Like 5-8 dollars a night and bed. So most of the travel budget can be spent on what’s important: food and drinks. And in Russia a suppose that will be blinies, borsjtj and vodka. It will be a lovely weekend.

The next two trips are just fantasies and thoughts so far. More fun than actually decided. But maybe one of them will happen (I don’t think I have the money for both since we’re also planning a really long trip next year). The one most likely not to happen is a group trip for familys, going to South Africa for two weeks. It would be sooo fun showing the world to my brothers children, and also my brother cause he hasn’t seen much either, safaris, cities, wine tasting and nature. But it is a bit expensive and my brothers youngest is maybe to young. But even though some things probably not will happen, it is nice to think about them.

Then it is more likely that we take the kids by train in some european country next summer, maybe Spain, maybe Italy. Show them a way of traveling that is not an all inclusive hotel. A way of traveling that actually includes traveling. Moving from one place to another, seeing new things and meeting new people and being influenced by it all. I think it is a great education and a positive upbringing for kids. They will learn for life, as we all do traveling. Which country would you choose?

So that is my short (and not so short) term plans. Our long term plan I try to work on every day. Yesterday we, me and my boyfriend, talked about how we will handle the job situation when we leave. He already know he will have to quit his job. I got ok to travel for six months this winter (which was the plan at first), so maybe I will get ok for a year as well. But I’m not sure I want that. Maybe we want to stay for more than a year. Maybe we find a way to make a living while traveling, I wouldn’t want to go home then. And especially when I’m as sick and tired of my job as I am. Don’t get me wrong. It is a fun and interesting job. I just don’t want to be tied up in one specific job, where I have to do what some one else tells me to. I want to be free and do what I want.

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