A little bit about myself

For the last 9 years, since I discovered traveling, I have been on a longer trip 1-2 times every or every other year. On top of that also some shorter weekend trips to a bunch of different places in Europe. I’m counting almost 70 countries and I am far from sick and tired of it. The opposite. It’s my life in Stockholm I’m sick and tired of. The 9 to 5 life where new stuff and a well paid job is the most important thing. I realized a couple of weeks ago that I really don’t want that anymore, and what more is, I also realized that I actually don’t have to have it either. Other people have left their homes before me, so why shouldn’t I be able to do the same. So the thought of selling everything I can’t carry in a backpack and leaving my country has been stuck in my head since then. So this is my blog taking you along the journey of making this happen, me handling my fears and planning for a completely different life. And also taking you along my previous and upcoming travel adventures and general thoughts about traveling.

To get in on the details about me a bit more. I am a 37 year old girl (woman..?) living in Swedens capital Stockholm, but I was born and raised in the middle of Sweden, by the city of Sundsvall. I moved to Stockholm the same year I discovered traveling, I was 28 at the time. Yeah, I know, I was a late bloomer 😉 Most of my friends here in Stockholm I have met traveling. And last year in January, traveling through Central America, I met the person who, three days later, was to become my boyfriend. Thank god, he shares my interest for traveling.

Except traveling I like reading och writing, I try to keep healthy and both good food and exercising is a big part of my life (I’ve just decided to take up yoga, so we’ll se how that goes), and I love beeing out in the nature hiking and camping.

Happy to see you here! Hope you’ll enjoy 🙂